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-;Padang Cermin;Lampung Selatan

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[navigasi.net] Pantai - Mutun
Going to the beach ? Why not ? Beach is one of the tourist destinations beside Way Kambas which already famous for its elephant sanctuary. Normally people will recommend you to visit Kalianda beach or Pasir Putih beach (the beach of white sands). Those two beaches are already famous as a major tourist destination in Lampung but actually Lampung has many more places to visit other than those beaches.

If we’re following the route of Padang Cermin (famously known as the training ground for Indonesian navy squad) then we will find a lot of beaches that worth seeing and one of it called Mutun Beach. This beach located about 25kms south-west of Bandar Lampung. The road to get there is in a good condition and you will see beautiful sceneries along the way. This beach is on your left from the main road and you will see a road sign says “Pantai Mutun 1km”. Do not expect to see a decent road sign since this road sign was simply made from a thin wood, but this is the only direction to take you to the beach. So make sure you see this sign or you’ll miss it.

[navigasi.net] Pantai - Mutun

The road to get into the beach is a little bit bumpy, perhaps it is because this beach hasn’t been acknowledged by many visitors. The road made from big rocks and during rainy season you might see a lots of ‘little pool’ among those rocks. This bumpy road will take about 1km from the main road. You have to pay IDR2500/person and IDR5000/vehicle as the entrance fee to enter this beach. It considers cheap for a tourist destination actually.

This beach is dominated by the endless white sand and perfectly blue sky. The sand and sky color is so incredible that you might not even see it in any beach in Java island especially in Jakarta. The local people is renting a spot that you can rent for picnicking or just relaxing with your friends and family. For those who wants to swim, the writer suggest you to take a boat ride into the small island called Tangkil island. With onlyIDR20000 for a return trip, the boats there are willing to take you into that island. Don’t forget to make appointment with your boat crew by telling them when you’re ready to be picked up.

Beside Mutun beach, there is also Kelara beach (Kelara=Kelapa Rapat, the sticked-coconut) located about 10km from Mutun beach. Unfortunately the water in Kelara beach is not as clear as Mutun beach, but since it has many coconut trees and shady so it’s a perfect place for relaxing.

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