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Trunyan, a location at the side of the Lake Batur. Is a location known to be inhabited by indigenous Balinese people and its known for the Open Burial culture. To get to this location, we need to hire a motoris boat that is readily available at the lake side. With the negotiable round trip [of course we don't want to have a one way trip here :)] fee of Rupiah 200,000 or around USD 25 down to Rupiah 150,000 or USD 20 as I bargained last time, then we can see the uniqueness of this place. The trip to Trunyan will take approximately 20 mins.

Legend says that the people of Trunyan area are the indigenous Bali before the arrival of the current Balinese people that came from the expansion of Mojopahit empire. In Trunyan, the burial culture is unique. When a person dies, they will be placed on top of a big rock with 7 cavities. The cavity was formed by naturally when Gunung Agung erupted a few decades back. The corpse is placed on top of the cavities and fenced with bamboo. The uniqueness is that although it is left for days and not embalmed, the corpse does not gives out any smell.

The secret of those lies on the tree 'Taru Menyan' which intentionally left growing naturally around the burial area. The fresh smell that comes out of the tree somehow defeats the rotting smell of the corpse until skeletons are left. I myself in less than 1 metre distance how a corpse that is already 3 weeks old, and no rotting smell at all. Legend says that the name "Trunyan" comes from the tree "Taru Menyan".

[navigasi.net] Budaya - Trunyan

This village has 3 kinds of burial site, which are:: Main burial : Designated for the corpse of a holy person or those who dies of natural cause. Normally the people that is buried here are spiritual leader, chieftain, or culture leader or other respected people. Second site: The second one is for adults or babies that dies of natural cause. Last site: Is for corpse of people that died of un-natural cause, such as suicide, natural disaster or traffic accident and many more.Normally the corpse that is buried here are those with incomplete body parts..

Things need to take into consideration if you want to go to Trunyan is beware of the illegal local guide.They are very friendly giving service to take us around and tell stories related to Trunyan. But on the way back, they will force us to give them money as guide fee, which most of the time be exorbitant.

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