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Initially, the always-full-of-crowd market is just a night market that only open few days before Chinese New Year back in 2004. The celebration of Chinese New Year has finally got green lighted during Abdurrahman Wahid’s presidential period. Previously this country won’t allowed any celebration for Chinese related culture and tradition, it was legally stated in the President Instruction no. 14 in 1967. But Abdurrahman Wahid took back this President Instruction and since then this night market is not only here during Chinese New Year celebration but becomes a regular event every week.

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If you visit this location few days before Chinese New Year, you will feel the Chinese atmosphere everywhere. Many traditional red lanterns hanging everywhere in most houses and shops, not only that banners in Chinese language and any other Chinese ornaments also completes this Chinese atmosphere. The people here will build giant sized chicken replica in some alleys and take them together for the procession

You will also see many Chinese art and cultural shows such as a Chinese classical opera, Potehi puppet doll (the traditional Chinese puppet doll), wushu, Chinese calligraphy, consultation for Feng Shui and for Chinese medication. This annual event is organized by an organization named Kopi Semawis (Komunitas Pecinan Semarang Wisata - Semarang-Chinese community for Tourism) supported by the Cultural and Tourism department of Central Java and any other organizations who shares the same concerns with the development of Chinese culture in the area they called as China Town.

Although those attractions only during the Chinese New Year celebration, you will still find this place interesting to visit. Initially the location of this night market started from Jalan Wotgandul Timur, Gang Warung, Gang Baru, Gang Belakang, Gang Tengah, Gang Gambiran and Gang Besen. But now the location of the Semawis Night Market has shifted to Gang Baru and only open every night on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18.00-23.00. You will find many stalls are open and many foods and drinks are provided. Mostly the stall there are selling Semarang traditional food, drinks and snacks, but you can also find many kind of Arabian, Pakistan and India food.

[navigasi.net] Lain-lain - Pasar Semawis

The local Central Java government pays serious attention on this night market as we can see it from the way they organize the stalls and the chosen of food and drink stalls. All stalls are line up on the right side of the street and while all the table and chairs are on the right side. There’s enough space in the middle to allow visitor to walk. When I arrived in this night market, it was way pass dinner time, but it was still difficult to find an empty seat and a table to sit and eat.

If you’re quite familiar with Semarang traditional food and drinks then you will find a lot of them in this night market. Many iconic traditional food opening their stall in this market, such as “Nasi Pindang and Soto Sapi Bu Tris”, “Nasi Gudeg Mbok Sireng”, “Nasi Ayam Karangturi” –the lady who sells it in front of SD/SMP Karangturi is also here--, “Nasi Goreng Babat dan Babat Gongso Kenangan’, “Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng” including any Chinese food and non-halal food such as Sate Babi Singapore. Another traditional food like Nasi Goreng, Bakmie Jawa, Nasi Pela, Nasi Pecel, all kinds of soto and seafood also available.

[navigasi.net] Lain-lain - Pasar Semawis

Not only food, many snacks and traditional drinks are all here, such as Wedhang Kacang Tanah, Wedhang Ronde, any kind of tea and not only that, some tea brands from the past which you hardly see it in the shops also here. And of course you can find many desert and sweets here. “Serabi Kuah from Kalicari” and “Loenpia Aduhai” also too bad too miss if you are happen to stop by here.

Since this night market offers a lot of stalls selling food and drinks, it would be better if you really empty your stomach before starting to eat out here. With hundreds of food stalls along 350m it will be more fun if you are going with many friends and family so each and of you can order different dishes.

Not only spoiling your appetite, this night market also has an open karaoke booth. Mostly they will sing a Chinese song and the queue is unbelievably long. Make sure you know the song since many people are watching and waiting patiently for their turn. This songs will also complete the Chinese atmosphere in this night market.

[navigasi.net] Lain-lain - Pasar Semawis

Semawis night market not only full of food stalls but you will find any other stalls as well such as fruit, CDs and also clothes. Since this market serves mostly for Chinese people, then you have to read carefully on the menu especially if you are a Muslim since some of the food here are also non-halal kinds.

If you happen in this neighborhood during the day you won’t see any night market stalls, but it doesn’t mean you can’t walk around this area and see how beautiful this place used to be. This Chinese place also known as the Chinese town of Semarang and you can witness many temples built in this area. From around 20 Chinese temples in Semarang, most of it located here. One of the famous temple called Tay Kak Sie in Gang Lombok in the riverbanks of Semarang river. Other temples also worth to visit such as Liong Hok Bio temple in Gang Pinggir. Siu Hok Bio temple (built in 1753) in Wotgandul Timur, Hoo Hok Bio (built in 1972), Kong Tik Soe temple, Tong Pek Bio temple, Tek Hay Bio in Jalan Gang Pinggir, Wie Wie temple Kiong and See Hoo Kiong in Jalan Sebandaran I and also Grajen temple.

So, not only famous for its night market, this area also rich for its culture, history and of course worth to see.

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