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[navigasi.net] Pantai - Parangtritis
PARIS which famously known as Parangtritis, is a very beautiful beach where sand dune and canyon are met and form a spectacular view like no other place. In this beach we can enjoy the romantic scenery and lovely weather with friends, family or even the love ones. A lot of things you can do around here, you can swim but don’t swim too far because you might get swept away by the ocean wave, not to mention many sharp corals under the sea that might be harm for you. Although swimming too far is not allowed, you can still swimming at the public bathing places provided for visitors. Other than that, you can try to take a ride by the traditional horse carriage called Andong and your beach experience in Parang Tritis would be completed.

Don’t miss the beautiful sunset in the evening. Some people might say this beach is a bit spooky for its stories, but during the sunset you will see this beach is even more beautiful and no spooky feeling at all. During the night, lots of stalls made from bamboo selling foods and drinks by local people. You can have a warm traditional ginger drink or just order a grilled corn and feel the warmth of the people here. If you want to stay the night at this beach, there’s a lot of accomodation provided at affordable price range from IDR 30,000 – IDR 100,000

[navigasi.net] Pantai - Parangtritis

To get into this beach you can ride your own motorbike since there’s a road that leads you directly into the beach. You can also take a regular bus from local bus terminal called Umbulharjo. There are two alternative routes to get you into this beach which are:


The route from Yogyakarta – Siluk – Parangtritis. The distance is about 30kms. This route passes Imogiri, the funeral complex for the Javanese Royal family in Yogyakarta. The scenery along the way is very beautiful.


The route from Yogyakarta – Kretek – Prangtritis. All vehicle can take this route since it has the direct access to the beach.

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